SF icons, covered in bird poop

It's always the most despicably evil villains you can't help but pull for, like the Saw guy who relentlessly tortures people, or the boy next door in Toy Story, who relentlessly tortures toys. Toys! Root for the villain who relentlessly poos on his victims, with Adapt

From a group of Bay boys led by a UC Davis graphic n' fashion designer, Adapt's a line of orange- and black-heavy crewneck sweatshirts and tees, most sporting a silhouette of SF's most nefarious dweller not named Ed Jew (hint: it's a pigeon). The sweetest designs're the simplest, beginning with a crisp, boxy "SF" in orange or black, covered in pigeons and tastefully streaked w/ their poop; and an across-the-chest "Local", in which a pigeon takes the O's place -- a shirt which features no poop, yet. Other graphics pack a little more meaning, like the Nas-track-aping "SF State of Mind" in sporty white lettering w/ the S and F in orange, and "89" in a big cartoony font that's cracked, w/ the 8 in orange and the 9 in Oakland green, harkening back to the Battle of the Bay World Series, when even a 6.9 quake couldn't disrupt a tidy pwning of the Giants

Then there're the designs that don't big-up SF, notably "NY", a tee covered in subway rats with all five boroughs spelled out, sans vowels...Vowels!