Food & Drink

Sushi and tapas in one sleek, intimate Marina setting

When two disparate entities join forces, results can range from totally inane (a show about about two divorced men -- one a neat freak, one a slob -- living together under the same roof), to totally amazing (a show about two divorced men -- one a neat freak, one a slob -- living together under the same roof, and starring Charlie Sheen!). Aiming to be even more delicious than Two and a Half Men is hilarious, art/s.Open now in Hime's old digs, art/s is a sleek n' intimate sushi and tapas joint that boasts 80 seats (both at two tops lit by one-of-a-kind blown glass fixtures and along a service bar that's backed by flatscreens) whose peculiar name's just comprised of the GM, chef, owner, and investor's initials, plus a forward slash! On the sushi side, expect a respectable list of nigiri and sashimi (yaki toro, hotate, ebi, escolar...), and a bang-up selection of rolls ranging from the salmon/cucumber/cream cheese/basil Lombard, to the Cancun, with smoked albacore, roasted jalapeno, spicy radish, and a side of regretting you bought the all-inclusive bracelet package. The tapas're mainly Spanish-inspired with some outliers, e.g., shrimp/octopus ceviche with blended tomatoes n' peppers, cheese croquettes with camembert and mozzarella, breaded Kurobuta pork pinchos with mustard sauce, and chicken tacos that're pepper spiced, seeing how ginger spice tacos are sooo 1998. Booze-wise they've got 25 mainly CA wines by the glass/bottle, and a sweet list o' specialty cocktails like the lychee sake/gin/lime Silver Bullet and the spiced rum/cranberry/mango Rising Sun -- an uplifting message but at current reckoning he's still only half the man his uncle Charlie is.