Best of the Best

Unlike the NBA Playoffs, May must eventually end. So bide your time with this month's victors in our never-ending tourney of email awesomeness.

Emailed to New York:Arkitip and Generic Surplus Kicks Originally co-crafted for the Ace's poolside staff by the "clean and simple" gearsmiths at Generic Surplus and LA-based art and modern design zine Arkitip, these lightweight, beach-ready kicks are meant to evoke the quintessential essence of Palm Springs: summertime climes, ocean breezes, and the shameless indulgence in an early bird shrimp cocktail. Can you kick it?

Emailed to Atlanta: Pick The Perp Straight outta N.C. comes Pick the Perp, a site that lets users guess which charge applies to various subjects, from domestic battery, to delivery of a controlled substance, to prowling, to "just pulled over to ask this girl for directions on how to get to N.C. because your sister just moved there and is it a crime to love your family???". Prediction: you'll get that one right. It's not as easy as it sounds

Emailed to Dallas: The S100 Super-Oven A Plano product ten years in the making, the S100 is a futuristic-mini-fridge-looking, electric outdoor oven and smoker that can do whatever you want to 25lbs of whatever, be it beef, poultry, fruit, veggie, or victim. Smoke it up

Emailed to Chicago:Email 'n Walk A Chi-developed iPhone app aimed at preventing you from careening into oncoming traffic, Email 'n Walk allows you to use the phone's camera to provide a view of what lies in front of you as you type away, keeping you aware of potential obstacles, though it can do nothing to help stop you from forwarding your entire contact list your heartfelt answers to "Which Sex and the City character are you?". Stop kicking your dog today

Emailed to Boston:The Biggest Baby Sure, you've seen what he can do now, but prepare to melt your mind w/ this early footage of Big Baby. Big Baby!