Best of the Best

Here are your Thrillist monthly Best-Ofs. You know the drill: freak out!

Emailed to DC:Let's Get Lit Candles Based just north of the VA/PA border, Lit makes uniquely boozy candles from real beer, wine, and liquor bottles; now online, they first peddled their wares at malls, then dive bars, a career path first blazed by Tiffany. Get all lit up

Emailed to Dallas: Amazing Homeless Signs Based on a photo spread/essay on musician Joe Ely's homeless-sign collection (who knew?), this 27-image slideshow runs the hopeless-to-hilarious gamut, from "Need 38¢ for chicken wing" to "Homeless my ass! I just want to get high!" -- basically a summation of your needs, except you express that message with your face. Seriously, are any of these yours?

Emailed to Miami: Orchard Street From two NYC buddies who started wearing, then collecting, particularly sweet rugby shirts in junior high, but eventually wanted fresher stuff, OS's latest drop features vibrant short sleeve rugbys, tees, and windbreakers that fuse bold, offbeat colorways with a touch of preppy, also the reason Screech got Zach sent to sensitivity training. Check this fresh gear

Emailed to New York: Madoff Mail Run by an NYC trio laden with maddy issues, Mail posts user-submitted "letters, drawings, poems, photographs, posters, collages, and doodles" addressed to #1 awesome A+ investor Bernie, then physically mails the collected works to the Metropolitan Correctional Center on every six-month anniversary of his sentencing (Madoff Mail: for when you care enough to send the very worst the very best). Tell Bernie how you feel

Emailed to Nation: Creepy Faces A photoblog chronicling "the art of ruining a picture", CF serves up an array of folks looking ineffably stupid on camera, along with an editorial quip, from a beer-gutted dude pulling up his shirt in a bar ("I like to call this one 'Everything Bagel'"), to a cute girl posing with a guy whose face scrunching conveys a blend of "anger and pain, with just a hint of fart", so, uh, a shart? This stuff just does not get old, ever