Best of the Best

Remember that Dave Matthews song, "Best of What's Around"? Well you can forget it, 'cause this is even better.

Emailed to Miami:Public Domain From three smart-alecky designers, Domain unearths images from both pre-1923 public domain stock and "creative commons" photo areas from sites like Flickr, which they playfully manipulate and slap on custom slim-cut blanks via water-based printing, providing a supple feel known as a "soft hand" -- a nickname you've sadly assumed since you ran out of ex-girlfriends. Where, pray tell, are your bitches at?

Emailed to Nation:Warrior Footwear Brought back to America by two enterprising students who noticed the shoes' ubiquity while interning in Shanghai, Warriors were born in 1935 as an inexpensive athletic shoe for the masses, but became iconic lifestyle pieces during the 70s-90s, before China opened its doors to international shoe conglomerates, and laborers all went to work for maximum wage in wondrous factories and lived happily ever after. Walk like a...Chinese person

Emailed to Chicago:Inkorporated Skin The brainchild of a guy who splits time between the Windy and Motor cities, IS brings together work from a far flung group of tattoo artists and applies it to leather in various formats, like your assorted copies of Howard The Duck. They'll match your forearms brilliantly, and'll be equally unsuitable for work

Emailed to Boston:Limited Edition Sam Yoon Tees While Menino complacently sits mumbling away on the throne, mayoral candidate Sam Yoon cleverly makes his move for the (kind of) influential youth vote, with limited edition tees playing on his name, from the Uncle Sam'd "I Want Yoon" to a Kevin Youkilis recalling "Yoooon" number in Sox colors to a black and white "Yoonies" tee, which begs the question: One Eyed Willy come out for a comprehensive review of public health? Please have the Yoonicorn, please have the Yoonicorn...

Emailed to Miami: Lingerie Football League Miami Caliente Tryouts Watch a 3:24 video of lusty athleticism as short-shorted aspiring members of the Lingerie Football League's Miami Caliente slam headlong into heavy bags, toss deep posts, and test the limits of sports bras while running as fast as 4.5 in the 40 -- at least according to interestingly credentialed coach Bob Hewko, the former 'Gator QB who led one miraculous comeback (against the Seminoles in '80), then whiffed on another (managing Motley Crue's '06 tour -- seriously). Just click here already