Best of the Best

Scour this month's Best-Ofs quickly so you can get back to deciding which Corey you want to be for Halloween

Emailed to Seattle:Berkeley Illustration Animal Prints From a Portland artist, these smallish prints (5"x7", 8"x10") feature randoms like daredevil old-timey bicyclists and an epic Sasquatch-vs-Yeti duel, but the bulk's formally-attired animal busts, like a fez-sportin' turtle, an eye-patched cheetah, and a pipe-smoking panda who clearly can't be helped off the endangered list until he starts helping himself. Get beastly with Berkeley

Emailed to Boston: Creep Street From a dude who spends his days graphically designing at Puma, CS's latest street-inspired collection of gory tees and accessories draw on pop culture, fast food, and crappy B-list horror flicks, aka, the lifeblood of someone who just got their ass dumped. Tee one on, bra

Emailed to Los Angeles: The FapMapper Just launched from adult film favorite Pink Visual, this website/iPhone/GMap mash-up can be used as a way to keep track of the addresses where your sexual exploits take place, with a comments box for extra, for example, "don't touch the hand towels." Hmmm...strange how all your faps center around the corner of Mason and Turk

Emailed to Nation: Regretsy A handpicked selection of generally repugnant handmade goods, Regretsy's the unofficial authority on the worst/most absurd items on Etsy, using photos and wonderful sarcasm that'll totally elude the guy who made the "Frida Kahlo Uterus Plushie". Drop your jaw at the endless wonders of e-commerce

Emailed to New York: Buzzd iPhone App This new app not only provides brass tacks info on nearby venues, but also rates their real-time happeningness by pulling info from Twitter and other Buzzd users; individual tweets/buzzes can also be inspected for editorial commentary, because what better way to learn if a spot's hopping than reading "Some 'hole next to me is tweeting at the bar". Bars like nerds, too