Best of the Best

Here's another month's worth of scintillating Thrillist Best-Ofs, in tidy written form for all you proud Hooked On Phonics grads.

Emailed to Chicago:Property Of Wallets From a Singapore design team, the (hopefully) aptly named wallet maker has just dropped six new minimalist cash-carrier styles incorporating high-end and durable materials into everything from money clips to slim credit card holders outfitted with enough slots for all the cards you've worked so hard to receive unsolicited in the mail. Cash in here

Emailed to Nation: reboundfinder This Twitter feed unearths the recently broken-up (by scouring for the cohabitation of "dumped" and "boyfriend" or "girlfriend"), giving you the jump on needy gems like kristyconti ("Today, I got dumped in the middle of baking cookies for my boyfriend's family") and grouphugus, who writes "My boyfriend dumped my ass...because I was diagnosed bipolar...He ditched me because I don't put out". Worse than that, she's apparently a waffler. Lonely no more...

Emailed to New York: Awesome Socks From an NY-based Japan-o-merican, these wildly colorful mid calf and knee socks're knitted w/ huge, non-traditional graphics, e.g., Kick the Habit (smoldering cigarettes), Intestine (pink and red stomach tubes), Pencil (giant No. 2 pencil), and Meat -- raw meat, for gleefully embracing your feet's rancid stank. Check these bad boys out

Emailed to Miami: Vintage Razor Ramon In this classic WWF clip, Scarface-inspired Razor Ramon pontificates on "living like a king" in America, scarring the hearts of women, and the soul Watch the clip

Emailed to Las Vegas: P**nstarTweet Hoping to elevate the adult industry to John McCain levels of Twitter stardom, over 100 starlets (Belladonna, Jesse Jane, Courtney Cummz...) are now delivering real-time nuggets like "preparing my scene for C**k Happy 3", "licking *ss yes, kissing *ss no", and the brilliantly matter-of-fact "Penis in me" -- proving once and for all that tweeting in no way interferes with workplace productivity. useful!