Best of the Best

Here like a devastating falcon punch to the abdomen, it's this month's set of Thrillist Best-Of's. Hurts so good, don't it?

Emailed to New York:Said in Bed Bed's a just-launched NY-based blog that publishes user-submitted conversational snippets from "before, during, and after the most intimate of moments" -- like Overheard in NY, but overheard by the person you're under-satisfying. Get the dirty here

Emailed to Las Vegas: Mandalay Bay Summer Escape Book a minimum two-nights starting at $89 per night and get a fly-back-free certificate (up to $350), plus $100 bucks off a private cabana and $25 Sand Dollars to blow at an 11-acre beach featuring, three swimming pools, a wave pool, a lazy river, 2,700 tons of real sand, and a jogging track -- which you'd gladly relinquish all $25 of your sand dollars to avoid. Is this the excuse you were looking for?

Emailed to Philadelphia: GoBYO This free Philly-based offshoot is a staggeringly comprehensive, fully interactive breakdown of BYO options at 1,200+ area restaurants, letting you approach easy-drinking with a particularity comparable to the "Dwarves ok / no Midgets" option on Casual Encounters. Let the Rossi flow

Emailed to Nation: Riot Tuxedo The latest drop of super-soft, hand-printed organic tees from Riot rocks designs that mash Native American imagery with punk-inspired art, including two moon-howling wolves whose silhouettes create a skull, the ghoulish six-eyed head of a chieftain flanked by sword-bearing men on horseback, and a vampish nude woman in Ultimate Warrior face paint roaming the woods, presumably searching for some Jake's snake. Get with the Riot gear

Emailed to Atlanta: Southern Barter Club Started in February and already boasting 1,000+ Georgia members and 50k+ worldwide, SBC facilitates the swapping of anything deemed valuable -- goods, services, talent, amusing lack of talent -- by both individuals and businesses, either through direct trade or through accrued "trade dollars", recognized by both the IRS and the even more feared International Barter Alliance. Start swapping for some Southern goodness