Published On 07/13/2009 Published On 07/13/2009

Couple SF's prohibitively high parking garage rates with its legion upon legion of never-say-die meter maids, and the only place you can count on parking consistently is Not There. Fight back, with BestParking. Expanding to encompass Frisco today, BP's a stupid-easy (free) site that aggregates virtually all the daily/monthly lots in trickier than hell East-SF, and algorithmically displays applicable ones on an interactive city grid based on what you're looking for, so you finally can enjoy the benefits of To put BP to work, click daily or monthly, and plug in an address/hood/intersection (even attractions!), plus what time you'll arrive/depart (for daily), and BP's Gmap'll pop up a bunch of cheaper-than-you-think garage icons in your vicinity, which you'd thought you lost in middle school during a really weird experience with your babysitter. Hover over said icons and you'll see the joint's hourly rate fluctuations (if any), contact info, and pertinent deets like "indoor", "outdoor", or "self park", but never "we promise not to joyride your over-anxious buddy's dad's Ferrari", because you know they will. If there are garage specials to be had near you (e.g., early bird, latenight, etc), BP can call those out in a separate window, which'll display a printable rate-guarantee you can bring to the garage -- otherwise feel free to try your luck constantly waiting for the hum of three moderately fast-approaching tires.