An authentic East Coast sandwich shop opens in IR

With its rich Italian-American heritage, Jersey has long been a part of America's diverse fabric, though it's pretty much the only part of said fabric that's dyed orange. Now giving you enough nourishment to GTL all day, everyday, Jersey's on 6th.

Opened Friday by a NJ-born-and-raised barkeep who tended at Fly Bar and Spruce, Jersey's is a standing-room-only sub-slinger measuring just 170sqft, with barely enough space for a counter, deli case, his co-owner/wife, and framed Jersey iconography like an old-school map of the Garden State, an overhead of the George Washington Bridge, and a shot of the Atlantic City boardwalk, which got pretty damn swanky since they upgraded the four green houses to a red hotel. Their meat arsenal includes three housemade cuts (roast beef, turkey, grilled chicken breast) all brined, marinated, and grilled over at Solstice's kitchen, plus crisped-to-order baked bread delivered weekly from Raymond's Sourdough (the same bread-trepreneur Ike's swears by), and custom sauces, presumably all made by G. Love's baby. Signature subs include East Coast faves like The Roast Beef (medium-rare RB w/ cheddar, freshly grated horseradish, and all the fixings) and The Spicy Meatball (house-rolled MBs, marinara, mozz and parm), plus Jersey's creations like The 'Shroom (grilled portobello with creamy goat cheese, roasted red peppers, and house pesto) and a second roast beef sando with bleu cheese, bacon, and caramelized onions called The Killer B's, named for what happens to you when you get one in that Tiger Mother's household.

Add bacon or avocado to any sub for a buck (or jalapenos/pepperoncinis/pickles free of charge), or flip the script with their weekend brunch and a menu that includes a non-sub egg sandwich, breakfast burrito, and toasted bagel, which'll no doubt be smothered in gel(ly).