Food & Drink

New American and weekly headliners in Duboce

Makin' a living as a musician is tough work, and most need a day job just to make ends meet -- but who knows, maybe you already have a grocer who can totally jam!! For a restaurant doing the same, check out Coda.In Levende Lounge's old Duboce Triangle stead is Coda, a slick Mediterranean-tinged New American resto (Levende's leather booths/glass chandelier, etc remain), which after 9 PM devotes itself to showcasing "jazz in all its forms" -- all brought to you by an ex-Bruno's exec chef and an ex-musician who finally "realized you make money selling drinks not music" (don't tell his bands). Their day job's got grub that breaks down into broad categories, e.g., Meat & Fish is highlighted by boozy delights like the pisco steamed mussels and the coffee-crusted pork loin in Jameson cream sauce, while Soups & Salads include the Pastina in brodo (tiny pasta in chicken stock) w/ parmesan/truffle oil, and the seared cumin tuna on cabbage w/ horseradish-beet dressing (unless Chef decides to let the beeeeet drop). From the Starches & Grains family hail the likes of red wine risotto w/ goat cheese n' herbs and Israeli cous cous with mixed veggies; washing it all down's a short but sweet selection of bottled brews, two red and white wines on tap, and a list of cocktails like Rye Manhattans and Bulliet Mint Juleps -- drink too many, and watch the room become the revolver. But the true love comes in the form of nightly headliners and weekly events like Sunday brunches that thrill to live gospel and Tuesday night takeovers by funky local hip-hoppers the Jazz Mafia -- a group that pays the rent by totally killin' it at Williams Sonoma.