High F***ing Five

Published On 11/23/2010 Published On 11/23/2010

There're a lot of moments in life that deserve a high five, though due to logistical issues, there's simply no way the 2002 Portland Trailblazers starting lineup can be everywhere. Capturing all the best palm-to-palm action 'Sheed won't, High F***ing Five. Started by an East Bay-born ad copywriter who describes himself as "really bored, a lot", Five glorifies man's oldest and most awesome form of jubilation with a collection of high five images/videos that he hopes will highlight "the fact that high fives always look awkward, unless you're on the volleyball team from Top Gun", in which case they just look like everyone's about to get Goosed. Five's categories range from animals (a gorilla and a shark, a scuba diver and a whale), to unintentional (Vince Young and a ref, a St. Francis of Assisi statue and a little girl), to Presidential -- there's a candid shot of a disgruntled-looking Obama fiving a kid in a Caron Butler Wizards jersey, photographed right before the boy was detained for lameness. There're also a few captioned pictorial finds, like two celebratory hand-gesturing shirtless dudes with nipple rings and tribal band tattoos that reads "Closetfive!", and two cyclists slapping it up mid-race, with the note "White guys should never high five in public. White guys in spandex should never high five anywhere", -- whew, thank God Captain Planet is blue! And in case you don't like high fives don't like America, the dude also runs an equally amazing, though less frequently updated Tumblr called Get The F*** In The Van, also what Wallace said to the Portland cops when they told him there was no way he'd had that many drugs.



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