Grown adults pretending they're corpses, just because

Death is rarely a laughing matter, unless it involves Sinbad. God rest his -- wait, he's not? Oh, well... yay! For a site that commits a very different type of bad sin, hit up Deadsquare.

From a Berkeley-based ad copywriter who killed it for Microsoft for 12 years, Deadsquare's a Foursquare-mocking Tumblr with dozens of morbid-but-hilarious photos of totally living people pretending they kicked the bucket, though hopefully not at a charity car wash, because volleyball players don't appreciate you messing with their equipment. Submitted almost entirely by creepy complete strangers, photos have included cadaver-mimicking subjects in front of Bay Area backdrops like SFO, Cal's Haas Pavilion, Muni's Embarcadero station platform, and Rickhouse, plus out-of-state pics from locales like a Marriott in Boulder, a North Carolina apple orchard, and O'Hare, also what Tom Brady says longingly in front of the mirror every morning, followed by a girlish sigh. Deadsquare posts are also all accompanied by captions with satirized location-based social networking jargon, like "I'm dead at Walgreens (5055 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, CA) w/6 others who are not dead," or "I just unlocked the 'I'm dead on BART!' badge on Deadsquare!" -- though, actually, that one was probably true.

And for the uber-Deadsquare fans, there's even a site-backed tee -- available in 18 colors and seven sizes -- that simply reads "Drop Dead.", also what everyone's favorite Houseguest wishes would happen to Biz Stone.