Sex + Dating

First Names Only

February 14th offers a man an entire day to show his belle just how much he cares, which sucks. Get an entire V-Day's worth of romanticism much, much quicker with First Names Only at Hotel Fusion.

From 6pm on Sat the 13th 'til the wee hours of V-Day morning, Hotel Fusion's rockin' a raunchy package reminiscent of the ubiquitous Japanese love hotel: 69 (yay!) bucks gets you a couple of cocktails downstairs at Infusion Lounge and a room upstairs for up to three hours, i.e., you can watch Gilmore Girls...three times! Check it: book in advance, then hit the front desk before your time slot to grab your room key and two drink tokens, which'll allow you and your date to cut the lounge line and slurp two "singles" or "passion" inspired cocktails, like the Ketel One Citron/sweet & sour/Campari "Hookup", or a Gibson martini garnished with spicy cocktail onions that's dubbed "Love Stinks", although J. Geils only found that out after sorting through a large collection of diamonds and minks. Then it's up to your vaguely Asian-styled standard room (king bed, flatscreen, CD player, etc.) that's stocked with a few not-so-standard accoutrements, namely steamy mood music, rose petals on the bed, and a six pack (count 'em) of condoms, so just to be safe, sextuple bag it.

When it's all said and done, you're supposed to vacate your room so the poor maids can come and clean up your mess, although Hotel Fusion insists that if you want, you can stay all night, offering you a chance to show your belle just how much you care about post-coital zzzzs.