The best part of waking up

Some things in life are worth driving all the way out to Fremont for. Well actually, just breasts. Enter Your Coffee Cups, a cheery, full-service coffee drive-through manned by five bikini-clad baristas, all run by a lawnchair-lounging, out-of-work general contractor so lady-focused, perhaps the issue was how much he thought with his caulk.

We asked a couple of their ladies to take time out from slinging "A/B/C/D-cup"-sized Mr.Espresso blends to answer pressing questions:

Double or Triple Rainbow?Marsha: Uh... double. I like even numbers. Maria: Um, I'm going to go double, cause I wasn't aware there was a triple. Just about every time there's a rainbow there's a double.

Puppies or Kittens?Marsha: Puppies. I'm not good with p*ssies.

Sugar or Cream?Maria: I'll go for sugar because I'm pretty much a vegan. Well ... I'm a vegetarian.

Stewardess or Flight Attendant?Marsha: What's the difference? Is there a difference? (Thrillist explains) I'd go with Stewardess, it sounds more official. Maria: Stewardess. I think stewardess sounds nicer, more professional. Flight Attendant, you're like the maid of the plane or something.

Mr. Belvedere or Mr. Clean?Marsha: Oh my god. Who's Mr. Belvedere? Is that a white person show? (Explanation) Mr. Belvedere then, he can probably cook s**t too, Mr. Clean just scrubs s**t.

Mary Ann or Ginger?Maria: I'm not sure who they are. (Explanation) I remember, is that where the kids go on the boat trip? (Sure) Ginger, because that's the one I remember.

Rolling Stones or Creed?Maria: Wow. Rolling Stones, cause it's like old school, the real deal. Not a lot of people know Creed.