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Huge slices, wild toppings, and wine on tap in SoMa

The power of "if you build it, they will come" is legendary, drawing thousands to an Iowa cornfield to totally ruin a kickass Eternal All-Star Game by demanding to play catch with their dead fathers. Now, Good Pizza's testing a similar proposition on the 7th and Mission lunch crowd: "If we bake it, they won't flee".A casual joint with a wood-planked bar and walls painted bright-as-the-sun orange, Good's offering denizens of this lunchtime dead zone the option to stick around for noshing that doesn't involve coffee or crack. Pizza's available by the (huge) slice, or in 12"/16" pies; you can go buckwild with 22 toppings (everything from fontina, to lemon pepper chicken, to plain old sausage), or go with specialties like the fromage blanc/scallion "Apple-Walnut", and the yukon gold "Potato & Bacon" w/ blue cheese, chives, and créme fraîche -- all the calories of a baked potato, but it can be kept in the pen drawer of your desk! Non 'za includes herb-flatbread-bolstered salads, pastries, and dirt cheap breakfast calzones with stuffing ranging from egg/cheese/bacon, to feta/spinach/sun-dried tomato, to fresh fruit -- the Elton John of treats, fruity with a doughy exterior.Wash it all down with "really good wine on tap", Peroni, or Coors Light. Brown-bag beer to go, and beware: if you swill it, they will bum.