Confessing something you're too chicken to say usually begins with nervous stammering, and ends with making up some lame escape excuse, i.e., "Late for Jazzercize again". Here to help in your time of cowardice, HadToSay.HTS combines Internet posting and good old-fashioned note-sliding into the ultimate tool for serial non-confronters. Simply compose a message for your intended target (friend, coworker, tasty Starbucks barista you've only had the courage to say "Venti?" to), click the Inbox, and hit the printer icon to pull up a unique code/password for you to print out/hand-scrawl on a napkin, then stealthily plant the paper where the target's likely to find it relatively soon, before your feelings change, and you no longer consider them, as one HTS poster put it, a "butt face miscreant...Yea, thats right, a Logan Huntzburger". Once the note's found, they can log in to read your anonymous missive; if they reply, you'll get an email, so you can continue the thread of secret conversation and let your love/hate flower.All posts and replies are completely anonymous, but HTS does publish each thread publicly on their site -- so best not to include any telling details when informing a co-worker there's a "big ass booger" hanging from his face, especially if he knows your Jazzercize class doesn't start 'til 9.