San Francisco

Fresh gear in U. Square

Movin' on up usually entails leaving something behind, like The Jeffersons, who ditched their working class neighborhood in Queens to move into a Will Smith song that no one even knows all the lyrics to, so nevermind. Unless it's Harputs Union.Leaving behind the gritty old Fillmo' for greener pastures, the local fashion vets of Harputs Market just moved into a gleaming, new, bi-level space in U. Square -- replete with handsome walls of marble, huge mirrors, vaulted ceilings, etc -- where they'll stock more fresh men's gear than ever before, except for that one time they accidentally received a shipment bound for Hollister. The sickest addition to Harputs Own jacket line is leather: the new silhouette comes in sturdy greenish-black Argentine or pliable chocolate brown Italian hide, with a zip-away hood, fine Scotch plaid lining, and a large, yet unobtrusive breast pocket expressly designed to hold up to a liter bottle, ensuring your stomach never misses its fine Scotch lining as well. In two weeks time upstairs will open, and there you'll find several high end n' hard-to-find collections, like Y3's minimally classy outerwear and monotone tees, Junya Watanabe's preppy-mod suiting, and Comme Des Garcon's loose-fitting/casual knits, colorfully tricked out wallets, and "parfums" engineered to smell of everything from chilly spring Tokyo mornings to "gold", so when they detect you in Mobile, Alabama, they'll know you're either wearing it, or you're a crackhead who got hold to the wrong stuff.And while more men's is on the way, you can still cop all sorts of rad designer and vintage shades and Gus's Belts, which you hope will trick the eye into believing your alleged Big Willie Style's all in it.

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