A little giant speaker

Published On 11/04/2010 Published On 11/04/2010

They say that good things come in small packages, but that's not totally true, since Brett Favre isn't even really that good anymore. For the best small has to offer, check out Jambox.

From SOMA's sleek hands-free-device maker Jawbone, Jambox is an ultra-light (12oz) home-entertainment-system-quality Bluetooth speaker that's the size of a chalkboard eraser and made with an uber-durable 30% glass-infused poly-carbonite shell capped on the top and bottom with a binoculars-inspired "rubber sole", which's significantly more effective than using a Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Using a German-scientist-developed sound-maximizing technology that took 10 years to perfect, this slick music-pumper hooks up to any smartphone or computer wirelessly, and even uses a built-in microphone that can double as speaker phone with "office-quality", but not The Office-quality as that ended after Season 4. Aesthetics-wise, it comes in four completely solid colors (black/red/blue/grey) and sports four buttons, including a home one that allows you (from up to 33 feet away) to use your iPhone's voice control function, unless you're a mime, in which case, you should probably just get an iPod Touch.

Better yet, there's an integrated battery you can recharge with the exact same cord used for the Jawbone "hands-free", also Jen Sterger's motto after a minor revelation.