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A casual community eatery in SoMa

Any business that can't fluidly respond to the demands of its customers is an ill-conceived one -- like, hello GM, start making Toyotas already! Wisely opting to listen up, Ironside

The folks at District're directly responding to their patrons' constant gripes about SOMA lacking a "casual community eatery" by opening Ironside, an airy, 49-seat all-day eclectic Cali grubbery that sits street-level within Chronicle Books, a big brick building that once built ships, before it got all nerdy. The bi-level loft space features tables and benches of rugged walnut, a counter made of zinc n' barn wood, and a chandelier fashioned from a 7 ft wooden apparatus once used to create gears for massive ships, but now used more productively to create eating light for massive you. For the first couple weeks it's breakfast and lunch only, which means everything from herb-roasted porchetta sandos and seasonal soups, to pizzas covered in delectable combos like wild boar sausage/rabe, and mozzarella/pecorino, to empanadas and bacon flavored breakfast buns, which was your pet name for your GF before she got suuper into Islam.

When dinner hits, expect a slew of hearty items like New England clam chowder with smoky bacon and Tobasco butter and big ol' bison burgers -- ask why and they'd fluidly respond that it's the only thing roaming wild in Golden Gate Park worth eating.