Ivy Elegance

Benefitting from others' misfortune is one of life's delicious pleasures -- when it comes down to it, would you rather win the Heisman, or be able to point at your mantle and say, "Dude, I bought that off OJ". Sweetly reap Orson's culinary sorrow, with Ivy Elegance

Orson chef Ryan Farr's bid a fond see-ya to the resto his nuanced Cali grub helped build to go solo with a full service catering outfit that offers linen-draped fine dining in your house, apartment, or surprisingly spacious Greyhound station locker. Just call him up and discuss your particulars (# of peeps/animal eaters?, etc), and together you'll customize a menu of apps/mains/sweets -- everything from grilled octopus w/ roast pepper tea salad, to lemon/onion/salsify confit Wagyu beef, to seared spice cakes with grape and honey sherbet, sweet spiciness that'll rival even your own specialty, Tapatio drizzled Baby Ruths. You'll also have the run of Ivy's globally sourced vino trove for winning pairings like an Agrapart et Fils Brut for your caviar, an '05 Monterey Michaud Pinot for your fowl, or a Berra Vittoria Moscato D'Asti to wash down dessert before Mr. Farr brings you a glass of warm milk and wrestles you into your jammies

The chef's also building a whole-hog salumi/charcuterie business which he'll work into Ivy's arsenal -- because even more pleasurable than benefitting from the misfortune of others, is benefitting from the misfortunes of pigs.