Indian... burritos??

San Francisco's so inundated with burritos, it can leave a man craving...a different burrito. Try an Indian burrito at Kasa, opening Wednesday.Born of an Indian/British lawyer-turned-chef, Kasa's a 35-seat, vaguely-Subcontinental space specializing in the kind of meatwraps you'd typically see on the streets of Calcutta (along with livestock, urchins, smog, tech support...). The menu's got six basics, including saucy grassfed lamb curry, charbroiled chicken tika masala, and karahi paneer (wok-tossed cheese/veggies/chutney), all rolled in roti (thin, flaky, buttery bread) for dipping in a spiced-up yoghurt relish called raita ("This is like not-catching-the-bouquet-good" "Ooh girl!"). For the deconstructionist in you, each filling's available on a multi-sectioned steel tray with roti/raita on the side, as well as daal (stewed lentils) and basmati rice -- roll components you can assemble to form a misshapen version of what you could've ordered in the first place.To compliment the grub, Kasa's chosen a shortlist of French/Ital/CA wines and 2 brews: India's Kingfisher and Belgium's Tripel Karmeliet. So when you're inundated with beer, you can try...a different beer.