Food & Drink

An eclectic Pan-Asian lounge on Geary

In life, dedicated behind-the-scenes work eventually pays big dividends -- Stan Van Gundy toiled for 12 years under Pat Riley, before finally stepping up to claim deserved recognition as the NBA's most Ron Jeremyish man. Stepping out from behind the scenes to claim restaurant glory, Mazu.Two sisters who learned the ropes for several years cooking and serving at Rohan Lounge are putting those skills to use by bringing it back with their own touches, as Mazu -- a sleek, black leather booth'd Pan Asian grub-lounge w/ a cool industrial feel (exposed pipes, cement floors, etc), all lorded over by a big ol' cartoonish mural of a Chinese goddess of the sea (Mazu), who Poseidon used to totally feel up on during his bachelor phase. Eclectic small plates range from tamarind-glazed pork ribs to bbq'd mango/eel summer rolls, while bowl-borne action consists of pork ramen w/ cabbage and shitake mushrooms (in Sapporo broth) and fresh egg noodles in ginger-/kefir-/lime-coconut milk, which pairs well with Harry Nilsson. Mazu's man-sized meals're just as far-flung, with highlights like the pear-glazed, Korean-style BBQ kalbi ribs, slow-cooked beef curry clay pot w/ mixed veggies, and the crispy duck breast stuffed with sugar cane, which they swear feel just like the natural ones.Although they're opening up sans booze, when the license goes through you should expect a modest selection of draft beers, wine, and fresh fruit juice-having Asian bevs, e.g., lichee cocktails and a watermelon/soju deal -- coincidentally the very drink Ron Jeremy was holding when he claimed the AVN's coveted title of Stan Van Gundiest Man.