San Francisco

The Museum of Broken Relationships

Following a gut-wrenching breakup, there's only two prudent courses of action -- flambe photos, love notes, and every single one of those Lifehouse ticket stubs, or pretend you're still dating and keep showing up at her house with a boombox, playing Lifehouse. Or, use your pain to create art, at The Museum of Broken Relationships.The MBR was born when a star-crossed pair of artistic Croats split up, put their fling's ephemera on display, and asked other brokenhearteds to donate their breakup trinkets; the result was a crowd-sourced exhibition of rejection that's toured all over Eastern Europe (plus...Singapore?) before making its first US stop in SF. The concept: scorned souls write a bit of anonymous text accompanying relationship artifacts, which've ranged from red undies ("A size too small...But I didn't mind at all"), to a supermarket-bought axe (which chopped up some cheatin' girl's furniture), to a mangled prosthetic leg, which "endured longer than our love", says a war invalid of his social worker (silly invalid, nothing outlasts plastic). To contribute, just bring in your emotional refuse with a description of its significance, and note your relationship's duration -- just be advised you won't get it back, so you may want to keep jewelry, really good mixtapes, and any love-children you'll particularly miss.On opening night, there'll be a kickin' party with free food and drinks, like Trumer Pils and a cocktail called "The Love-bite", powered by an all-breakup-song playlist, but all anyone'll hear is your Sanyo whining about how it's "hanging by a moment here with you".

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