The Night Is Full Of Surprises

Wanted: The limited edition Heineken STR Bottle, for its tendency to surprise and amaze nightlife denizens when placed under UV light.

Description: Volume: 16oz. Color: Green. No, black. No, green... Would the gentleman please quit playing with that UV light?

Last known whereabouts: Exclusively in select bars and clubs across the country, including San Francisco. Not to be found at retail stores, newspaper stands, outdoor bazaars, boat shows, or conventions involving the latest in dental technology. You can, however, explore its mysteries online.

Aliases: Frequently goes by "Mesmerizingly Good Looking", and has on occasion introduced itself as "Boldly Innovative".

For more information: Please visit Then head out on the town, as it is highly recommended that you try to apprehend the Heineken STR Bottle yourself.

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