Food & Drink

A menu full of sake and octopus balls in the Mission

From peeps behind both O Izakaya and Sozai, Nombe's a retro-ish sake n' Japanese small dish-staraunt outfitted with checkered floors/walls, a six-seat wooden bar, big cushy banquettes, and a communal table for 20. Their sake list's 75 deep (all detailed w/ food pairing advice), and the menu ranges from pork spare ribs with kimchee n' maitake 'shrooms, to karasumi (Japanese-style fish roe), to ramen and takoyaki (fried octopus balls) pick-upable at a take-out window that's open 'til 2am -- the hour when most people are like "I want a slice of pizza" and you're all "GIVE ME OCTOPUS BALLS!!".