Rogue Status

Much like a great artiste, anarchists can have many moods -- one minute they're sulking about injustice, the next they're merrily singing "The Roof is on Fire", because it is. For similarly mercurial gear, check out Rogue Status.The Venice Beach convergence of Rob and Big's Rob, Blink's inky drummer, and a car racer named "Yo", RS's colorful tees and hoodies prompt discourse on societal injustice by any means necessary. Fresh summer designs range from straight aggro (tooth-shattering "Caliknuckles", biker hauling ass in "Cheap Thrills") to irreverent/morbid (JC's shackled hands raised in prayer in "Love Thy Neighbor", a negative all-over print of white crosses in "Arlington"), to merely playful: in hostile font takeovers, "Rolling Stone" becomes "Rogue Status" while "Vogue" becomes "Rogue" (guess they're not man enough to take on Men's Vogue). RS is at its cheekiest when its mood is "penis": "Carlin" restates George's proclamation that, despite being old/dead, he's "Cocked, Locked, & Ready to Rock", while a simple rooster-on-white background design's dubbed "El Gallo Negro" ("The Big Black Cock" -- too bad MTV edited out the scene that inspired that one).RS also slings bandanas bearing their best-selling print, "Gunshow", covered in a full arsenal of firearm silhouettes -- depending on your own mood, wear it while sulkily cleaning your apartment, or merrily cleaning out somebody else's.