SF Secrets

Any reality "star" who yearns to be more than just a flash in the pan had better come up with a big idea, like fighting AIDS in Africa with your Survivor winnings, or I Love New York...TWO. Or, showing people random SF spots that're awesome: SF Secrets.

Brought to you by local dude Tyler Macniven, the super animated, borderline hippie who won The Amazing Race and bought...a houseboat, SFS's a video blog that chronicles T being T at all sorts of weird/funny/useful off-the-beaten-path city locales, some you'll recognize, some you won't, just like reality personalities themselves. The most random clips're the best, like when he hops a fence, treks through "fields of poison oak", and ascends fifty feet of giant nails to reach a sketchy Presidio tree house, or when he visits Tyson Glass on 16th and Portrero just to snuggle on the floor with "SF's friendliest cat", an orange calico named Little Bitz, which is guaranteed not to spray you, due to its lack of little bitz. On a more useful tip, T's trip to Builder's Resources in Dogpatch affirms that it's the junkyard for all manner of cheap house stuff, with its endless aisles of quality doors, sinks, toilets, bike parts, etc, while the 6th Ave Aquarium segment certifies it as the spot to hit for pet seahorses and "intimidating fish" for aquariums belonging to your "evil boss or warlord", who needs something to help him unwind after a stressful day of tricking Reggie Jackson into killing the Queen of England.

The best part of the videos comes at the end, when T puts his finger to his lips and lets out a hilarious, crazy-eyed "SHHHHHHHH!" -- a reminder that while reality stars cometh and go, a demented catch phrase is eternal.