A shoe that goes with any two-bolt bike pedal

Everyone loves surprises, unless they involve Chris Hansen and the sad reality that you're not getting back those wine coolers. For sweet kicks that offer an even sweeter surprise and no jail time, check out DZR Shoes.From a former professional Italian trial biker and his sport-shoe-designing wife, Palo Alto-officed DZR is the world's first-ever sneaker maker to produce a vulcanized shoe that's also (surprise!) compatible with any two-bolt bike pedal (including Shimano, Crank Brothers, and ATAC Time), giving urban cyclists lockable cleats that're also functioning, lifestyle-conscious kicks -- effective, but not nearly as devastating as sweeping the leg. The initial line features three styles: the classic low-topped, Converse-like GMT-8 sneaker, the mid-topped, soft-supple-leather-crafted Ovis, and the hi-topped Strasse, made with a mix of classic herringbone and full grain leather (part of a heart healthy diet). They've also already got a collaboration under their belt: an all-black limited edition leather shoe done with Mission Workshop and called the Rondel, which is named for the alleyway MW resides on, barely beating out Hank, which is named for the gentleman who rummages for recyclables in the alleyway MW resides on.If that's not enough for you, DZR's going to be dropping two more styles around Christmas time, also the perfect time To Catch (a) Predator. On TBS.