Awesome sports throwbacks, re-discovered

Reliving your teams' greatest sports triumphs is always fun -- after all, who can't recite by heart Don Wittman's call of Dave Ridgway's glorious 35 yard field goal in the 1989 Grey Cup, giving the Saskatchewan Roughriders an improbable 43-40 win over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats?!? Who?!? Helping even non-Canadians remember their favorite sports teams, New Jack City.

From a trio of OGs behind south-of-SF boutiques like Turf on the Peninsula and Breezy Excursion, NJC's a just-opened throwback threads slinger in the Mission with the rarest of rare '80s and early '90s sports gear, all sold on the cheap outta a basement-like interior with painted black concrete floors, metal-barred windows, and exposed piping, which's nice, despite rarely leading to a secret underground coin cache. Hard-to-find tees -- which're wrapped around old album covers and tucked into plastic sleeves -- range from a handful sporting now-defunct team logos (Seattle Supersonics, Charlotte Hornets, Anaheim Mighty Ducks), to a collection of cartooned-up sports icon'd joints that include a fist-punching David Justice and Marquis Grissom inscribed with a menacingly lettered "Welcome to Cleveland", and BFFs Roger Craig/Joe Montana/Jerry Rice hugging it out in the "Touchdown Club", where Alex Smith is currently the bathroom attendant. There's also a grip of fly headwear (1980 Lake Placid Olympic beanie, 1990 Montana MVP cap), outerwear (Starter jackets, an oversized LA Raiders sweater), and not-sure-when-you-wear-its, like a pair of San Jose Sharks overalls and a smallish Bulls fanny pack, which is the perfect size for storing Luc Longley's talent.

And because everyone always wanted a Queen Latifah rookie, they've also got two boxes full of Yo! MTV Raps trading card packs, which, when opened, could score you a trip to NYC that expired in 1992 -- a year without much triumph, considering the Roughriders lost to those hosers from Edmonton.