The Super Bowl Snackdown

With the Super Bowl looming large, we procured some dangerously tasty snack n' cocktail recipes from a couple of SF's baddest chefs and a bigtime barman, ensuring each of your guests gets his fair shot at being fat enough to quarterback the Raiders. And away we go:

Taco-Seasoned Fried MeatballsFrom Pizzeria Delfina's Anthony Strong A throwback to chef Strong's upbringing in the Midwest, "where things like taco seasoning", these crispy, chewy pork balls're served drenched in Cholula and take no more than 20 minutes to make, so do it at halftime, 'cause you already know what Roger Daltrey's nip looks like. WAAAH!!! You're a thing; you like taco seasoning

Quinoa-Encrusted Chicken TendersFrom Pisco Latin Lounge's chef/owner James Schenk PLL's top man uses the light, nutty grain that's a healthy staple in most Peruvians' diets to flavor up what's assuredly a healthy staple in yours: fried chicken. Serve 'em with your favorite sauce, i.e...Cholula!

Pigskin PunchFrom Scott Baird, co-managing partner at 15 Romolo Bourbon joins cinnamon tea and maple syrup in this chilled concoction that's potent enough for your manliest guests, yet sweet enough for Melissa, and Caroline. You can thank Scotty later