Teacher With The Bus

The coolest characters lead a conventional life by day and a crazy one by night, like Miss Davis in Varsity Blues, who boldly supplemented her paltry teacher's wages by baring her body each evening, flying in the face of conventional views of propriety, whatever the cost. And, also, Batman. Educating by day, entertaining your face off by night, the Teacher With The Bus.

Intrepid German-trepreneur Jens-Peter Jungclaussen, aka the TWTB, facilitates learning on the go for students young and old during daylight, in two tricked out, veggie oil-powered school buses, which shiftily double as radly rent-able party buses after the sun goes down, and the class chameleon has been fed. The buses' interiors're done up Euro-retro style in bright orange and white, with vinyl bench seating for 35-40, a sizable linoleum dance floor, and a thumpin' soundsystem that'll blast tunes from your iPod, CDs, or cassettes (sucks to be you, mini-disc!). Supplying booze and determining the TWTB's course's all you -- Jens-Peter'll gladly take you bar hopping, but he thinks you might have more fun throwing a series of on-board dance parties at scenic spots like Twin Peaks, the Headlands, or...ALCATRAZ!!! OK, sorry, no Alcatraz.

For an additional fee, TWTB'll come stocked with a DJ spinning a genre of your choice and outdoor speakers for bus-adjacent raving. Jens-Peter'll tolerate all manner of shenanigans, stipulating only that "I don't like the naked butts out of the window", a rule you'd abide by during the day, but question at night -- depending on the light of your full moon.