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Tip Top Tapas

When a dude publicly pays heartfelt tribute to his mother, the rest of us can't help but enjoy it too, which is why "Dear Mama" kicks off every mother's day mixtape. For love so sweet you can taste it, call Tip Top Tapas.TTT's an affordable boutique tapas catering outfit headed by one Raul Aguilera, who hails from Spain's Castilla-Leon region, and affectionately calls his biz a tribute to his madre, whose original recipes are so good, they're published in the Spanish cookbook he plagiarized the crap out of. While TTT can handle parties big and small, a typical order consists of a grip of small dishes, ranging from meat- or veggie-stuffed tortilla de patata (potato omelette w/ onion and garlic), to hefty empanadas filled with stuff like onions, ham, tuna, etc, to patatas bravas flanked by a "secret" tomato-based sauce -- shhhh, it's made with tomatoes. They'll typically do one larger main dish per party too, and while you're free to go with something simple like the pollo al ajillo (a whole chopped chicken sauteed in garlic and imported spices), the move is generally TTT's hella massive paellas, filled with any possible combination (chosen by you) of prawns, mussels, clams, chicken, beef, and chorizo, then simmered for hours while Raul pays devout honor to his homeland, and naps.TTT are also self-proclaimed chocoholics, and'll whip you up some no-joke desserts, including crunchy churros w/ chocolate. Once you pick your feast, you can have your tapas dropped off, or have Raul & Co. come cook 'em up right in your backyard, where you'll serenade them with your own mixtape, which of course begins with "Dear Tapa".