Published On 01/15/2010 Published On 01/15/2010

Even if you consider yourself an artist, how can a bunch of 3x5's do justice to the aesthetic mastery of "Penis Sketched On Cheek At Corner Of Mouth in Bic" #'s 1-24? Present your art the way it deserves with Bumblejax

Enlarging and turning any picture you want into mounted gallery-quality wall art, BJ's an e-printing service just launched out of the back of a marketing/print shop in S. Lake Union, all from a guy who got the idea 'cause he wanted to blow up a pic from a recent Thailand vacation, had an extra piece of MDF board, and thought Phuket, let's do this. To get started upload a photo using their web tool and choose from a range of print sizes up to 40x30in, most in the same 4x3 ratio typical of point-and-shoot cameras (they'll do custom sizes too); the tool also lets you crop the image, and automatically measures its pixels so it can let you know if it's just not big enough, which you obviously have never heard before...why, did someone say something? Finally, choose from four mounting materials including a plexiglass-style acrylic (rear emulsion-mounted prints "really pop"), or three top-mounted satin laminate finishes -- compressed wood MDF, industrial aluminum that won't bow over time, and a rigid lightweight polystyrene called gatorfoam, also the name of Tim Tebow's new feminine birth control product, because it doesn't matter if you believe, that guy just wants to help everyone

All orders ship in 48 hours and include free ground shipping, and come w/ a money-back guarantee, plus're ready to mount, no-tools-necessary, too bad the same cannot be said for all your smiling friends.



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