Casey Burns Concert Posters

Nothing proves you're a man of culture like esoteric rock-show posters, but how are you supposed to haul around a merchandise tube if you're two-fisting ironic beers, and not even at the rock show? Fortunately, Casey Burns has got you covered

Getting his start designing flyers for his own early 90s band, Burns went on to become the in-house poster artist for Chapel Hill, NC venue Cat's Cradle before moving to Portland with a girl he's long since broke up with, but is still off-limits so don't even think about it. Notable concert adverts include two tight-dressed ladies gossiping over a giant skull as their cig-fumes spell out Queens of the Stone Age, a nurse applying lipstick in homage to Sonic Youth's Sonic Nurse, and, for evil Aussie instrumentalists Dirty Three, a man drinking beer at the bar flanked by a trio of bare-breasted women -- or, just about the best joke set-up you could ever walk into. Further glory includes Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, vulnerable-yet-masculine folkie Richard Buckner, Kool Keith, Electric Frankenstein (a WWII-era comic-book cover reading "Frankenstein does his part"), even Lisa Loeb, wearing the cat-rim glasses that'll apparently Stay on her face right through interment.

Dearly departed odes include Johnny Cash, Sid Vicious, and Warren Zevon; if music's not your thing, there's also a repro job of grindhouse flick Two-Lane Blacktop, a figurine for Japanese toy brand Jamungo, and fine-art screen prints of women in suggestive positions, so even if people don't buy you as a man of culture, at least they'll concede that you're a man.

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