Online complaint forums are an ineffective means of obtaining consumer justice -- even if a business notices your post, they'll probably just dismiss it and get on with other important tasks, like complaining about other people's businesses. Out to give e-barking some bite, Consupo

Recently launched out of Kirkland, Consupo has created a multimedia template for the praising -- and, more importantly, trashing -- of businesses nationwide, but instead of just letting things rest with user postings, they're promising to take additional steps to resolve conflicts between product and service suppliers and those who they've allegedly boned. To initiate the process, create a profile, then enter a business that you'd like to "Start a Beef" with, augmenting your "case" by easily adding long, rambling notes, pics, and/or video; other users can rate the validity of your case on 1-5 scale, and these appraisals are fed into the "Consupo Index", which you can trust, because it's called an Index. Armed with your well-evidenced bitching (and, ideally, an Index number that backs it up), Consupo will actually email and/or phone the business directly, and encourage them to make things right via compensation, monetary or otherwise; if you accept the offending party's offer, Consupo will automatically switch the case to Give Props, and you'll eat your free burger from Dem Fastfood Franchize Boyz

For those in desperate need of yet more online friendships, Consupo offers a function whereby you can "ally" yourself with other users, who by virtue of that connection will be quicker to weigh in on your side -- bias that might cause the targeted businesses to complain, and cause Consupo to place an unwelcome call to Consupo.