DELI Art Series

Art is damn inconvenient: to see Michelangelo's sketches exploring the meeting of man and God, you have to hit the SAM, and to see paintings exploring the meeting of man and horse, you have to hit A-Rod's house. Conveniently pull some masterworks over your fleshy torso, with the DELI Art Series.The DAS is a limited edition, staggered drop of shirts boasting original designs from the local artists whose paintings grace the walls of Pioneer Square's preeminent delicatessen-themed boutique. The plan's to drop one new tee per month, but for critical mass purposes, they're kicking off with four, including a sad-eyed mechanical crow from illustrator/painter Joe Vollan; a cartoonish hand whose TV-encrusted gold ring broadcasts a mushroom cloud (from toy designer/illustrator Kyle Kesterman, who sometimes gives his stuff away for free if you can find the hidden words doodled therein); and from painter/stencilist Kim McCarthy (a.k.a. Urban Soule), 5 black "lucky cats" haloing a deep red Buddha, all adjusting to the knowledge that there is no I...ams. The last of the initial batch comes from painter John Osgood, whose taking of inspiration from graffiti and street art, as well as Cubism, Pollack, and Basquiat, means it's tough to tell just what the hell is going on with this shirt. Simultaneously, DELI's launching an online shop flush with gear from brands like Modern Amusement, Dorsia, and Green Apple Tree -- convenience that'll ensure you'll have plenty of time to go see a man about a horse.