P Square's new deli <em>and</em> bar

Knocking something out can be incredibly satisfying, even if it's only Glass Joe. Knocking things out for the sake of your thirst; Delicatus.

After spending months demolishing down a wall and generally tearing apart the Square's Longhorn BBQ space, two bartender buddies have turned it into a high-ceilinged reclaimed-wood-heavy delicatessen/bar split by a large column'd archway w/ a casual drinkery on one side, & a long lunch counter topped w/ lofted seating on the other, featuring grubs that's so biased toward East Coast delis it used to have its own show on ESPN. Their locally-sourced artisan sandwich menu starts w/ "Traditionalists" like the pastrami/Swiss Emmental/toasted dark rye East Coast Representin'; the fat slab Zoe Bacon B.L.F-ing T.; the corned beef/pastrami/Russian sauce/slaw Mountain; and the Reign Man w/ roast beef, horseradish aioli, and Irish white cheddar, most of which just goes to child support. The "Progressives" range from the stacked prosciutto/mozz/basil Gypsy Rose Lee, to the braised pork/jalapeno-lime aioli/hot peppers Fire of 1889, and the pulled pork/wasabi aioli Fists of Fury that comes topped w/ Tobiko caviar despite not costing you any more (Jeet Kune) dough.

D's also serving up chowder & daily soups, some salads (Antipasi, Traditional Caesar), and they ferment their own pickles; while the bar's got the usual libations and'll soon be serving mostly-Italian small plates like Bruschetta & a (Little) Mac & Cheese so good it'll make you see stars, unless, of course, you whiff.