Excape Artist

Drawbacks to taking yourself too seriously: no one likes you, you never laugh anymore, you eat all meals alone. Benefits: berets! For an artist who crunched the numbers, check out Excape Artist.

From a Seattle/Tacoma artist trained at one of the country's best art academies, this pulpy collection of hand-made prints and original paintings is a reaction to the typically over-serious world of art, expressed as light-hearted twists on classic motifs or fantasies he doodles in his notebook, although sadly "Jenn, check this box if you'll go out w/ me" is not up on the site yet. The smartly anti-intellectual stuff starts with EA's totally affordable "Dinosaur Vs. Robot" series; these monochromatic 1'x 2' hand stenciled prints boast golden-era sci-fi robo-warriors doing battle w/ Jurassic era creatures like "Styracosaurus" (impaling a robot's head w/ it's horn), "Dynonicus" (viciously pouncing on a bot's back), and a "Brachiosaurus" about to drop its' huge foot on a group of attackers, who mistakenly referred to it as "Brontosaurus" in front of chicks. Rounding out the collection are absurdist takes on old-world portraiture like "Silver Wind Up Toy Robot", "Dueling Peeps" featuring a pair of tasty marshmallow twins over crossed swords, and a one-eared Easter treat w/ sword in "The Brave Bunny Showdown" -- which was usually won by the Braves, until Dale Murphy started phoning it in, and Kendra got that show on E.

Future plans include a narrative series of graphic novel-style illustrations, two of which have just dropped in EA's online store, which you can admire alone in your apartment while you decide whether todays a "tilt left" or "tilt right" kind of day.