Sweet wines for under $30

Having an insider can make your life much easier, assuming you can get over Russell Crowe pelting you with phones. Giving you the inside scoop on quality, cheap vino, Plonk Wine.

Launched in Cali last spring, and finally serving the Evergreen State (and everywhere else) as of today, Plonk's a virtual wine shop (slinging nothing over $30) started by a Wine and Spirits Education Trust/American Sommelier Association accredited oenophile, and focused on biodynamic/organic/hard-to-find grape hooch (grooch), plus a ton of international picks, none of which actually plan on playing for the Timberwolves. PW points you to its handpicked vinos via an oversized world map highlighting wine producing regions (Cali, France, Slovenia[?]), or a search function that lets you sort wines by price, and type of grape, ranging from standards like Pinot Noir, to rare fruits like Mandilaria, and Mencia, which you probably won't Mind, despite its tendency to just copy funnier vintages. Once you click on a bottle, the site laces you with extensive tasting notes, possible food pairings, suggestions of the "if you like this wine, you might like these..." variety, and a video review from PW's cutely-tousled founder describing its drinkability, also Charlie Sheen's only superpower when he briefly joined Alpha Flight.

To take tippling to the next level, PW's got a wine club that gives you access to virtual winemaker-led tastings, 10% off every purchase, and, every month, scores you four bottles of wine, all of which you should probably give to Russell, as he's not having such A Good Year.