Friends Of Irony

Amongst a laundry list of other accolades, Alanis Morissette famously wrote a song about irony that contained no actual ironic examples, then more famously wrote a song about Full House's Uncle Joey, which is just gross. For more hard hitting irony than rain on your wedding day, hit up Friends of Irony. A carefully curated photo-blog from the same crew of Seattle net-ninjas behind Autocomplete Me and Oddly Specific, FOI is serving up "daily delicious irony", which you'd previously only gotten from hilariously eating haggis. Some of the tastiest examples:Big Brother Is Watching You: Showing a sign in Barcelona that proclaims a 500 meter "zone of vigilance" in the city's Placa De George Orwell monitored by surveillance cameras, but who really knows if those things even work, since they've been there since 1984. Sweet Delicious Irony: Asserts that irony "strikes at the best of times" while depicting a member of the KKK engulfed in flames standing beside an untouched cross, revealing yet another of the Klan's hated enemies: fire safety. My Freedom. None For You: Showing men angrily protesting beneath a sign telling "freedom of expression" to "go to hell", although they're strangely cool with creative license. In an ironic twist, they accept submissions, except from Alanis Morrisette, although that hasn't really stopped her from sending in all these pictures of free rides when you're already late, but who would've thought? It figures.