Depending on your internet relationship, people present themselves to you differently: someone you met on might not want you to know that they're also on Get the full measure of your online people, with Gist.

Launching out of the only city tech-savvy enough to serve as a backdrop for Disclosure, Gist is a cloud app that syncs up all your various contacts, then acquires & auto-updates loads of quasi-personal info they either didn't bother to inform you of, or purposely withheld because they're afraid you're the kind of creep who'd acquire that info through some sort of newfangled cloud app. To start, tell Gist to connect to any/all of your Outlook, Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, or SMTP/POP/IMAP-based e-mail accounts, then choose one of three presentation methods: a dashboard featuring recent news/blogs/tweets filterable by contact, date, or a Gist-determined importance scale; a tab that lists all your peeps and lets you sort by name/relevance/contact frequency, etc; or, if you know exactly who you're in the mood to e-violate, a quick-and-easy search bar. Click on a contact, and up'll pop an aggregated profile based on their email, complete with Twitter IDs/tweets, Google-retrieved news, websites, blogs, social media accounts, RSS feeds, and recent correspondence; there's also a Google snapshot window filled with images and links retrieved via a simple name search, which you can add to the profile selectively, lest you be buried under updates on all the world's Steve Johnsons.

As a bonus, Gist also pulls in and displays upcoming events from your own calendars -- because the more time you spend looking into everybody else's business, the easier it is to become clueless about your own.