The Art Of War

Art can flourish in the unlikeliest of places, as evidenced by Banksy daringly tagging the wall separating Israel and Palestine, and Art Shell continuing to breathe, anywhere. Now making it flourish on hand grenades, The Art of War. Created by an under-employed Everett-based photographer who goes by Faustomatic, these darkly-comic hand-formed sculptures are made using epoxy or paper clays to add depth to the surface of inert "dummy" grenades, and are inspired in part by his personal collection of "surplus military crap", which suggests someone's up for latrine dooty. So far Faust's finished six of what will be more than a dozen one-of-a-kind designs; pieces based on the round M67 frag grenade range from the red/yellow/blue Rock Em Sock Em Blue Bomber arted with (duh!) a Rock Em Sock Em robot, to Ugly (a luridly red-lipped mouth with hideous brown-tinged teeth), to the leaf-handled, worm-holed red/yellow Bad Apple, also Fiona's nickname thanks to her songs. There's also old-school pineapple-grenade-based numbers like the self-explanatory Skull Face with bleached white nose and teeth against a black background, and one emblazoned with "I Don't Love You Anymore" against a vivid red heart, and, through the firing pin, boasts a gold wedding ring, which she darn well better return with the grenade.Faust's site also slings prints of his photography with subjects ranging from a heavily tattooed Bad Girl wearing nothing but some brass knuckles, to an eerily lit steampunk-style mask in Watching, which luckily for Art Shell's body image, no one's done since '06.

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