Lazy Cat Cut Coins

Coin collecting is a venerable pastime enjoyed by people locked in an endless search for buffalo nickels, and the people who divorce them, and enjoy buffalo 2 and a half cents. Making that hobby much cooler and important to your wardrobe, Lazy Cat Cut Coins.Handmade by a super-prolific PDX crafter who's spent the last 15 years artfully turning coins from as far away as the Cook Islands and Guyana (and as far back as the Byzantine Empire) into exotic, wearable mewelry, LCCC's pieces are produced using a process called "artistic cutting", which, unlike defacing, is not illegal/inspired by Michael Jackson. The sprawling all-pendant collection includes several recent but rare US coins (a brass colored 2001 dollar w/ Sacajawea and her baby) and some pre-war pieces (a richly detailed 90% silver "Walking Liberty" dollar), but is highlighted by several that're cut to show various presidents with blunts in their lips and curls of rising smoke; the "George Smoking Dope" collection features 18 George Washington quarters, a '69 JFK 50 cent piece, and a dime w/ FDR fresh from a Fireside Phat(ty). They've also got a variety of international pieces ranging from a south of the border coin depicting the last Aztec emperor, to one from Sierra Leone (featuring both Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man and his Last Supper), to a pendant boasting Che Guevara's famously fierce mug cut from a coin that was once worth 3 pesos, and now costs $24 (thanks a lot capitalism!). LCCC also slings a more eclectic assortment, like pieces cut from religious and NRA medallions, and tokens like the ones given out in AA, and the ones given out to buy time at peeps shows -- yet another venerable pastime for people with both insatiable curiosity, and a pending divorce.