Loaded Paperclip

They say that in wine there's truth, but no matter where you learn it, it's no fun to find out that medically speaking, you're a midget. Supplying the honest answers it never gave your PC; Loaded Clip.HQ'd right "next to the Blue Screen of Death" Loaded's a brand new Twitter feed from "that talking paper clip from Microsoft Office that you bastards hated", except now he's "drunk and ready to give you advice on your shi**y document". Examples of some real Wing Ding-ers; On letters: Looks like you're trying to write a letter! Nice. Nothing hides obese p**n windows better than some fake-ass letter. On style: iF U tYpE LiKe tHiS, it implies you've added an unconventional artistic touch to your writing. Also, that you're an idiot.On spelling: Yes! Insert the light-bulb Clip Art. Because that should hide the fact that you spelled "definitely" with three A's.On formatting: Increase your margins and add to the line spacing. Dude, you go to the University of Phoenix. Like they care.On Fonts: Did you just choose Comic Sans? Comic Sans. Really? Why not just type "I'm A Virgin" in 72 point font.Loaded's averaging about 3 or 4 tweets a day, and has a F-book page where fans can network, come up with their own clever ideas, or just lament the fact that they'll never ride a roller coaster.