MiKandi App Store

Smart phone apps have been revolutionizing the way we think about everything on the Internet, from things that aren't p**n to, um, other things that aren't p**n. For apps that finally bring you what the Internet was intended for, check MiKandi. After a splashy developers launch last fall, this still-in-beta Andriod marketplace -- created by a team of Seattle tech vets/sex toy producers -- is the first adult only app store slingin' the kind of mobile digital freakiness iTunes would never let you get your hand...er, hands on. To get started, head to the MK download page to get the "store"; from there access a nascent but growing collection of apps (divided into categories like Fun & Games, Erotica, Utilities, and P**n Stars) including a bevy of hardcore-ish drops from major adult purveyors (rhymes with Mrazzers), and mobile pioneer Pink Visuals, all of which point you directly to Android compatible video/sites, and employ one-handed navigation that lets you fast forward "w/ a flick of the wrist"... yep, seriously. Less-NSFW stuff includes a Google Maps-powered nationwide strip club finder, a super-private "X-RSS" reader that pulls erotic stories from around the web, and the Dildroid, which uses your phones' vibrations to let you SMS a custom vibration to a "friend"; there's also fun stuff like a call girl based resource management game, because it may be hard out there for a pimp, but it's sure fun to play on the bus! MK's future plans include support for non-Android devices, plus tons more naughty/hilarious apps like a moans-when-you-press-its-buttons Sexy Calculator, which would revolutionize the way man thinks about math, you know, not p**n with numbers.