Monkey Minion Press

In our society, there are myriad avenues for individuals expressing their geekiness, none of which involve sports. Or sex. Or anybody else. For a geek artist willing to travel down many of those roads, check out Monkey Minion Press

Pumping out a staggering array of dork awesome, MM's the nom-de-art of a Portland illustrator/ graphic designer with a penchant for comic-stylings, and a resume that includes sketching for Marvel; his stubborn refusal to pick an art form's resulted in geekery splashed across t-shirts, on wall art, and in greeting cards, whose hallmark is not being sold there. Wearable dorkiness includes the NES zapper (and other old-school gun-peripherals); Jedi Invaders (a mash-up of fanboy-faves that boasts a Death Star made of Space Invaders getting blasted by an X-wing); and a recruitment poster number depicting Darth Vader and a formation of Storm Troopers called Enlist with the Empire...Or Else (it'll be much more annoying to find the droids we're looking for). Greeting card-style artiness features zombie expressions for all occasions, ranging from a brain cake Birthday Card asking "Which do you prefer, prefrontal or occipital?", to the perfect-for-Valentine's Day Zombie Romance featuring a slow dancing undead couple, and The Rot Pack, which boasts an undead Frank, Sammy and Dino, but not Peter Lawford, who, at this point, just wants to know what he has to do to be remembered...kill himself

MM's also got a collection of mostly 12X18 prints including a Rebel Alliance recruitment poster, depictions of a raccoon-tailed Mario battling Bowser's "hench-creatures", and Batman and Robin "on the town" -- yet another avenue not open to geeks.