Proletariat Pizza

Enough optimism can create a self-fulfilling prophecy -- take a "We want the ball, and we're gonna score!" approach, and maybe you will get that endorsement deal with EAS. Proudly and prematurely proclaiming ultimate success, Proletariat Pizza.

From a young couple hoping to inaugurate a standby hangout on a block bursting with ethnic groceries, tattoo parlors and smut vendors, this unassuming, high-ceiling'd, cafeteria-style joint uses hand-mixed dough and largely local ingredients to create "The Pizza That Made White Center Famous" -- a brash statement that has Schlitz totally freaking out. Signature pies include "The Favorite" (Ital sausage, fresh chopped garlic mozzarella, peppers from Mama's Lil' Peppers), "The Ham and Egg" (prosciutto & mozz topped with a soft cooked egg), and "The Real Hawaiian" -- made with mozz, pineapple, and SPAM, it won't be blocked from your inbox, but still might clog your outbox. Meatless goodness includes the fontina/provolone/Asiago/Gorgonzola/ mozz "Cinco" and the sun-dried tomato/Kalamata olive/goat cheese "Vegetarian"; customers, referred to as "Proles", can also build their own from a list that should be titled "11 Ingredients That Shook the World".

All pies are 18-inches, and come whole, or by the half or slice; meanwhile, house reds and whites are just $3, and Oly cans and PBR tall boys go for sub-$2 -- a deal sure to send you bathroom-wards for frequent unleashings of Seneca Falls.