Sexy George Karl

Since George Karl left, Seattle has lost a lot; his intensity, those pull-no-punches press conferences, his mischievous smile...oh, and that team he coached. The Sounders or whatever. Well, find out just what that ol' charmer is up to now, with SexyGeorgeKarl

Ostensibly from the mind/mouth of the former-Sonics' former shot-caller, but actually created by some LA buddies after seeing Karl in a particularly sexy Valentine's Day red shirt, SGK is a burgeoning Twitter feed of oh-so-sexy attempts by the round round-ball coach to, um...score. See George:

At Dinner: "Don't be silly. Order the lava cake. We'll work off all those calories at our salsa lesson.

Talk Books: "They say that Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus...but guess what? You and I are right here on Earth. I love your scarf.

Giving Gifts: "Why would I get you Army Wives on BluRay when you don't have a BluRay player? Hmm... why don't you take a peek behind the couch?

Make A Sweet Move: "Quick math problem: I love massaging feet and you have two of them. You do the math.

On A 1st Date: "What are you doing? No, no no. Put your wallet away. I don't ever want to see anything like that again. Somebody must have really hurt you.

Potentially With a Prostitute: "Nothing you ever tell me could "freak me out", unless you told me that you hate 100% all natural fat free raspberry sorbet. Get in the car.

Even though SGK's a Twittering newcomer, he's averaging 9.5 Tweets per day, making it seem almost as if Sexy George never left, unlike that basketball team with the green jerseys... hmmm, Oregon? No, that's not it...