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The Internet's empowered the masses to track down murderers and buoy grassroots political campaigns, but one altruistic question remains unanswered: how can I help my fellow citizens find their favorite daddy-juice? Bringing crowd-sourcing to beer-finding, Taplister. Created by a Portland team of computer and beer geeks, this database harnesses the power of the world's first "live beer Twitter search engine" to let users share what's on tap at their favorite watering holes; they're hoping Seattlites quickly bring their numbers up to PDX levels (253 beers at 205 bars) by listing "every tap in town worth a tweet", though to be thorough you might as well throw in anything ending in "ultra" or "ice". To help this noble cause, just log your finds through the website interface, directly from Twitter or any Twitter client via the Seattle Taplister #hashtag, or using a free iPhone app, any of which will guide beer enthusiasts to the nearest Old Lompoc Jolly Bock, Walkabout's Jabberwocky, or Arrogant Bastard, a.k.a. "beer enthusiast". For those with less particular tastes, searches can also be conducted by bar, revealing everything the establishment's willing to pour in your pint, or, if the bartender has a sudden bout of stomach flu, directly into your slobbery maw.For iPhone drinkers, Taplister also supports a Beer Signal app, allowing you to quickly tell friends where they can meet you, and what they'll be drinking, though if your location's not the will of the people, they'll just stay home, confident that the Internet will empower them to do something involving grass, and their root.